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About Babsee

Why is it, that when we get older and need tools to function, these tools are only practical and show our age immediately? Why can practical not be stylish?

A change in eyesight is one of the firtst things to start impacting our day-to-day living.

Babsee believes we should not choose between something that looks good or something that serves our purposes. We should not sacrifice our style for function and quality for price.

That is why Babsee exists. We combine style and function.

Introducing the first pair of reading sunglasses that are as aesthetic as they are practical, and are as affordable as they are advanced.

Babsee’s Dutch-designed bifocal nonprescription sunglasses combine a farsighted upper lens with a nearsighted lower lens, for only €39,95.

These are the lenses that will help you read easier, help you live relaxed, and help you see the world a little more clearly. Practical pouch, cloth, luxury and efficiency included.

That is how beautiful practicality can be.

Babsee– easy on your eyes