The characteristics of the Babsee sunglasses

Sunglasses with Filter Cat. 3

The prescription sunglasses have a category 3 filter to protect the eyes. This filter offers intensive protection in bright sun.

100% UVA and UVB protection

The sunglasses provide 100% UV protection


The sunglasses have a CE certificate. In Europe sunglass lenses with the CE certificate meet the European directives.

The sunglasses also have an ISO certificate (ISO 12312-1)

Reading part

The reading area is at the bottom and on the inside of the glass.

As a result, the reading part is barely visible from the outside.

The Babsee is available without reading part and with reading part in the strengths +1.0 to +3.0


Not only is the reading part not visible from the outside.

The glasses are also gradient. This means that the glasses run from dark to light.

This allows the reading part to be used better. While the eyes are well protected.

Glasses case

All sunglasses are shipped in a protective pouch. Made from recycled rubber. Splash proof. And with a cloth attached to the case so that you cannot lose it. Nice and practical.

Beautiful sunglasses with a very handy reading area! Never having to change glasses again when reading or watching something small in the sun is so nice. And seller Babsee provides a perfect service.



Useful glasses. I use the glasses a lot for cycling. Beautiful glasses with good protection and reading part at the bottom of the glasses so that I can read my card (on the phone) immediately. Beautiful male model

Kees de Forenses


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