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Customer opinions about Babsee

Beautiful sunglasses, very practical to use. I use the sunglasses all day. Good price quality ratio

Erik de Soré

With these glasses no more fiddling with 2 glasses on and off. I have the Kate myself and that is a really beautiful model. My husband has the Piet, but I often put it on myself. These are super glasses that you always want to have in your bag.

Johanna van Dalen

Everything went well, it couldn't be better and faster.

Paul from Lelystad

I am very satisfied with this fashion accessory. What I especially like: Looks good, protects well from the sun and glasses are comfortable.


Very happy with my sunglasses with reading area. Delivered super fast and a beautiful design.

Hanna, Haarlem

It takes some getting used to, to be able to just watch and read with the same glasses. You should move your head up and down a little more. But after a while it just goes well. I often cycle with the Babsee.


Last year I bought a Babsee. Now with the first rays of the sun I could use it again. How happy I am with it. No fuss with two glasses. It takes some getting used to switching from far to close, but that goes quickly. I bought two so I don't grab next to my Babsee.

Paul de Vliet

I have to pay attention with (sun) light in my eyes, I cannot read without a +2.5, so I could not read outside in the sun, with these double-cut glasses I can

Johnny, Bierbeek Belgium

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