Sunglasses with readingpart

As soon as we can no longer read the fine print, we are dependent on reading glasses. But that doesn't mean it's nice to look years older.

Babsee believes that practical sunglasses can also be beautiful. That is why we designed sunglasses with a reading part. So that your active lifestyle is not limited by second glasses and you also continue to look good.

No more hassle with two pair of glasses on your nose. Relax go outside, read and enjoy the sun in style.

Reading glasses over your sunglasses are no longer necessary. Order your sunglasses with reading section online.

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Why are prescription sunglasses a good idea?

With prescription sunglasses you protect your eyes against the UV rays of the sun. You also keep a good view.

What are prescription sunglasses?

Various prescription sunglasses

What strength sunglasses are needed?

Prescription sunglasses

With prescription sunglasses you protect your eyes against the UV rays of the sun. You also keep a good view.

The correction of the prescription sunglasses is different for everyone and is measured by the eye doctor or the optician.

An exception to this is a correction for presbyopia. Almost everyone gets old age around the age of 45. And then needs the well-known reading glasses.

Reading glasses can be ground to the correct personal strength. But usually the standard strength of reading glasses will suffice.

When the sun starts to shine, reading glasses are not so pleasant because the eyes are not protected. A solution is then prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses fitted by the optician are often the most expensive solution. The prescription sun pill is then made precisely for the customer's personal eye abnormalities.

For people with only presbyopia and no nearsightedness, cylinders, different strengths per eye or otherwise, reading sunglasses can also suffice.

Reading sunglasses are sunglasses that are fully enhanced with the standard reading glasses strengths. So that the fine print can be read properly.

A disadvantage of reading sunglasses is that the glasses can only be read.

For the same people with standard reading glasses for the small print, there is also the sunglasses with reading part

Babsee makes beautiful sunglasses with a reading part. Sunglasses with standard reading glasses strengths at the bottom

This allows the sunglasses to be used to read the fine print. But also to participate in other activities and to protect the eyes well.

Babsee is prescription sunglasses. The reading part at the bottom is available in different reading glasses strength ranging from +0.0 to +3.0

The strength of the reading portion of the prescription sunglasses is usually related to age. Usually the older the higher the strength.

Often it is the case that nearsightedness increases with age and farsightedness only develops later.

Babsee offers one online test to find out what prescription reading glasses are needed.

In this way the strength of the reading part of the Babsee glasses can be determined.

This test is only intended for people with 'standard' presbyopia.