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What is a sunreader?

What are the characteristics of sunreaders
Disadvantage of sunreader
What strength of sunreaders do I need?
How much do sunreaders cost?


Sunreader are sunglasses with reading glasses in one pair of glasses. The sun glasses are reinforced with the standard reading glasses strengths ranging from +1.0 to +3.0.

The sunreader protect the eyes against harmful UV rays. Because of the sunreader it is not necessary to squeeze the eyes against the bright sun or because the small print cannot be read properly. We think a sunreader looks better than reading glasses putted over the sunglasses. Depending on the type of sunredeader, of course, because they can also be drowsy.

The disadvantage of the sunreader

The disadvantage of s sunreader is that these sunglasses can only be worn when reading. It is not pleasant to look far away with such glasses because the sunreader are reinforced for close by looking. So as soon as you look up from your book, magazine, menu or newspaper, the sunreader must be taken off.

A solution for this is the sunglasses with a reading part. Here the reinforced reading part is only at the bottom of the glasses. Also called bifocal sunreaders.

With these sunglasses the eyes are well protected and you can read with the reinforcement at the bottom. Moreover, the sunglasses function as normal sunglasses because there is no reinforcement at the top of the glasses.

The reading part of the Babsee sunglasses with a readingpart is on the inside of the glass. This makes the reading part hardly visible.

What strength of sunreader is necessary? 

The strength of the sunreader corresponds to the current reading glasses strength. Sometimes a little less high strength is needed because the sunreaders are of course only used in good sunlight outside.

Babsee offers an online test to find out what strength reading glasses are needed. In this way the strength of the sunreader can be determined.

This test is only intended for people with “standard” old age vision to discover the strength of the reading sunglasses.

The test for sunreaders must first be printed. Unfortunately it is not possible to complete the test from the screen.