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Easy on your eyes


Just because we struggle to read fine print doesn’t mean we can’t see our reflection in the mirror when we go out every day.

That’s why we offer bifocal sunglasses that are designed to unite practicality AND beauty, making it easier for you to enjoy your daily lifestyle outdoors without having to put in extra effort to accommodate your changing eyesight.

No more clumsy efforts to combine two pair of glasses. Just relax go out, read and enjoy the sun in style.

Babsee keeps it simple

Our bifocal sunglasses are designed for men and women.

The reading lenses are integrated into the inner part of the sunglasses, making the bifocal feature nearly invisible.

The upper half of the lens provide 100% UV protection

The lower half is available in +1.5/+2.0/+2.5/+3.0 magnification.

Never fumble between your reading glasses and sunglasses again. Order your frame online now or visit one of our stores to get fitted today.