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About Nina

Nina is our limited edition. With great success, Nina will be included in our range. A larger, luxurious pair of sunglasses. With flexible hinges for the comfortable fit




100 % UV
Filter cat.3

CE European Standards
ISO Certification
Available in diopt +1.5 tm +3.0

Practical and Stylish

These sunglasses have the reading part inside the glasses and therefor almost invisible 
That is stylish

The glasses run from dark to light, making it easier to use the reading part.
That is practical.

And of course, Nina protects the eyes with 100% UVA and UVB filters.
Moreover, Neil is delivered in a nice package, also super nice as a gift



Sending and Return

We send the packages the same day. In the shoppingcart we show the sendingcosts to eachtcountry apart. Want toreturn the sunglasses, no worries that is free within 14 days
Sending and Return