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Babsee sunglasses are no ordinary sunglasses

It is a pair of sunglasses that can be used by anyone with reading glasses.
Because there is a reading part on the inside of the Babsee sunglasses, these sunglasses are specially made for reading glasses holders. Everyone who is struggling with this age problem also knows the problem; Put on sunglasses, read glasses, read reading glasses and sunglasses.

We had had enough of that at Babsee. And that is why we made beautiful sunglasses with a handy feature for the reading glasses holders. We have put a reading part on the inside of the glasses. So no more clumsy hassle with sunglasses and reading glasses. You can take the sunglasses with you from the store so there is no need to have the glasses sharpened. There the price is therefore from € 35 euros the Babsee is for sale.

Have a look at the models


Features Babsee sunglasses

The Babsee sunglasses protect the eyes with 100% UVA / UVB and a category 3.0 filter. This means that the eyes are well protected even in bright sunshine.

But with dark sunglasses it is also difficult to read and that is why we have made the glass gradient. The sunglasses glasses are dark on the top for good protection and lighter on the bottom so that the reading part can be used properly.

All very practical but we also love beautiful. Because we are a year older, that does not mean that it only has to be practical. That is why the reading part is on the inside of the sunglasses. Because of this you hardly see the edge and you can peek on the beach chair but also read your magazine. And you still look good even with Babsee sunglasses on.

Where can you buy the Babsee sunglasses?

Babsee is for sale at a number of stores.

Click here to go to the Babsee sunglasses outlets.
If you want to be sure that a specific pair of sunglasses is in stock in one of the stores that Babsee sells, call the store in advance. The telephone numbers are at the stores written below.

The sunglasses can also be purchased through this webshop. At home you can fine fit and practice with the reading part. If it is not for you, send the sunglasses back. And the handy thing is that you can simply use the orange letterbox.
It is always close by. So no hassle.

Do you still have questions? Babs is always available for questions. The contact details are at the bottom of this website. Her mail address is: [email protected]

Do you own a store and would you like to sell the Babsee sunglasses with reading part in your store?
Send an email to [email protected]

Sunglasses with focus

Focus on the small print or the big picture.
No more hassle with sunglasses and separate reading glasses.
As soon as we can no longer read the fine print, we are dependent on reading glasses. But that does not mean that it is nice to look older